April 28, 2014

Betty #165 (Betty Cooper)

Betty is portrayed as a beautiful, tomboy with long blonde hair. In the "My Loss is My Gain" story, Betty is shown to be wearing a light blue crop top, orange short-shorts and matching orange flip-flop sandals. In the following "Then & Now" story, Betty dresses up in a female frontier costume which leaves her bare feet exposed.

Stay Kissin the Pink.

Dragon Ball Z: The Newest Super Saiyan (Android 18)

Android 18 is Dr. Gero's eighteenth android creation (although, she is technically a cyborg). Initially cool and confident, 18's sarcastic sense of humour later became the most striking trait of her personality, examples of this consist of her mocking Goku to the very man that created her, Dr. Gero. She has shoulder- length blonde hair, blue eyes, and hoop earrings in both ears. She keeps the left side of her hair behind her ear. When she is first activated by Gero, she wears a blue denim vest and skirt (with the Red Ribbon logo on the back of the jacket) with dark blue stockings, brown boots, and a black under-shirt that has white and black striped sleeves. Later on in the series when she is married to Krillin and living at Kame House, she wears a pale blue sleeveless denim jacket, white 3/4 pants and black flip-flop sandals.

Android 18 in action.

Stay Kissin the Pink.

April 27, 2014

Mokuzou Meikyuu # 1 (Yai)

Mokuzou Meikyuu is a quirky slice of life manga about a light novelist and the young live-in maid that he employs. What the manga lacks in action, it certainly makes up for in fan-service due to Yai the young maid constantly having her feet on display thanks to her uniforms traditional Japanese sandals.